Bethany Farm

Bethany Farm is situated next to the N1, 20km north of Edenburg and 60km south of Bloemfontein. The farm is widely regarded as one of the best farms in the Edenburg Free State district. This is attributed to the good quality natural grazing and ample water availability. Under the management of Mr Philip van Lingen, Bethany operates a successful free range and organic commercial Bonsmara beef cattle enterprise, currently consisting of 521 breeding cows. The main income of the farm is through the sale of quality weaner calves which are sold at 8 months of age at an average weight of 249kg each. The annual average summer rainfall of 400 – 450mm and good veld management ensures sufficient grazing during the year to sustain the cattle. To stay economically viable and to optimally utilise the farms resources, Bethany is in a 5 year process of spreading its risks by incorporating two additional enterprises namely sheep and lucerne. Sheep will be intensively farmed under centre pivot irrigation. Lucerne will be baled and sold in bulk.

The farm strives to operate in such a manner as to stay sustainable and profitable whilst going above and beyond to care for its workforce. The farm provides jobs for 5 full time staff members who are empowered by the farm through the provision of quality housing, milk and mielie meel rations, free electricity and clean water. In addition to this a vegetable patch project is in the pipeline, which will assist them in meeting their nutritional requirements. The workers also attend regular agricultural information days which equips them with the necessary tools and information to further their understanding of farming.


  • Increase in productivity of livestock
  • Improving genetic potential of indigenous stock
  • Poverty alleviation
  • Increasing farm income by increased production of livestock
  • Job creation and food security
  • Development of disease free livestock production zone
  • Sustainability
  • Profitability
  • Increase in herd fertility
  • Strengthen our local economy


Increase Productivity through
• Provide better management & health cover for livestock
• Improve genetic quality of indigenous stock
• Strict selection criteria
• Using top bulls

Alleviate Poverty through
• Increased income of farmers through increased production of livestock
• Improve employment opportunities of a resource poor rural population through livestock enterprises
• Empowering of the workforce

Check environmental degradation by
• Improved veld management
• Prevention of soil erosion
• Prevention of overgrazing
• Create awareness about the environment

Prevent environmental pollution
• Take appropriate measures to prevent environmental pollution

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